Regarding the visual, how did you and Colorwave Studios come up with the treatment? Also, who is your leading lady in the video?

Yea, Joanne Elie is the founder of Colorwave Studios and is also a good friend of mine. I've acted in a few of her short films in the past so I knew she would be great to work with.

We literally just met up one day, I played her the song and we instantly started brainstorming. We sat for hours with ideas but then I just said "f*ck it", let's just do a simple photoshoot and call it a music video. The leading lady is Miek Perez, she really came through and did her thing along with the energy Kriket Smith brought to the table.

It was crazy because we were scrambling to find someone last minute. We originally had 2-3 other girls that couldn't do the video and we had only 2 days before the shoot. So I reached out to Layor G, who owns a fashion brand, and he hooked us up with Miek Perez. So that’s bigs up to Layor and Miek for coming through in the clutch. Also choosing Jona Tata to shoot the video was a no brainer.

Shaney Poo - 'Been Lovin' U'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff (Please Pass The Indie)

Artist, songwriter, performer and producer Shaney Poo has released a new single and music video.'Been Lovin' U" off the album, Touch By An Angel. Shaney Poo style in “Been Lovin U” is a fusion of R&B, rap, Motown, and soul. The piano starts strong with a live audience sample in the background cheering on Shaney Poo as he begins to sing. Shaney Poo has a soulful-pop voice that is radio-ready and will appeal to the masses. He sings the chorus which is ultra catchy and raps the verses with fire.

Available on all platforms

Available on all platforms


“Been Lovin U” represents the dream state you are in when you're infatuation by a woman. Their smell, laugh, walk, and everything about that person you admire is intoxicating. Love is only real when the person knows you love them; you can’t keep love to yourself otherwise it’s only an illusion. In the song, this is addressed perfectly with the use of the beat stops and a wind-down.
Shaney Poo created a music video, which features the wonderful actress Joanne Eli, the woman he is referencing in the song. Director, Videographer, and Editor Alland Torchon creates a dream-like scene that is filled with brilliant nostalgia from a past era where old-fashion romance was center stage. The woman is illuminated with stars and lights as Shaney Poo is portrayed as a smooth brother in a white suit. He speaks of a woman he adores deeply but, in the end - it’s a fantasy. Shaney Poo is a natural on the screen - maybe a second career on the screen is calling this singer.

Available on all platforms

Debut project features 8 songs by a myriad amount of producers. Showcases his ranges from Soul, Rap, Pop and RnB. 

Available on all platforms

Shaney Poo is an abstract musician, making his music style extraordinary. There so much music out in the world and it is refreshing to hear musicians who are unconventional and take artistic risks while still being true to their art-form,and at the same time giving us music that everyone can relate to and love. As a Haitian American Artist, Shaney Poo brings something new to the table that grabs people’s attention and there is no doubt that he has "big time" potential and will keep rising in the music scene with excellent songs and amazing videos. ~ Victoria Scott (Please Pass The Indie)

Shane Alexander is a Haitian-American artist, producer and performer from Boston, MA. His family gave him the nickname Shaney Poo when he was a baby. Choosing that name represents the purity of the inner child that lives within every artist. He makes music that focuses on love, life experiences, and his imagination.    
He spent his early teens throwing dancehall house parties with his friends and wrote music on the side as an outlet. Years later he started recording his own music after building a home studio in his bedroom. He began organizing music events where he and other local acts would showcase their talent. After being part of several rap groups and performing at many of the local spots in Boston Shane went solo and forged his own path in the music world. His diverse sound stems from growing up in the muli-cultural city of Boston and being raised in a Caribbean family. Never shy to try new things, he's inspired by Pop music, Rap, Dancehall, Kompa, Zouk, RnB, Soul, Rock and House. He soon formed B.L.A.C Pop Ent in 2015, an acronym for "Becuz Love Always Conquers. It's a record label and also the name that best fits his style of music. In 2015 he released "Touch by An Angel" a 6 song project which includes music videos "Been Lovin U" and "Girl Next Door". Eager to expand, in 2017 he moved to New York and began producing his own music. From that, songs like "Goldmine" were born, this marked a new turning point for him sonically as he began incorporating Zouk and Kompa music with his sound. He released "Club SHANE in 2018, a 5 song concept EP completely produced by K.E on the Track and in 2019 he released "Pretty Brown Eyes", a follow up to his song "Goldmine". He soon spent the next years traveling the country performing, releasing music and acting in short films. He's released EP's, music videos and singles, most notable "Been Lovin U", "Goldmine", and many many more. 

Song written, produced & arranged by Shaney Poo

(sample from Marizia "Anita" feat Shakanelee)

Interview: Boston Based Artist/Producer Shaney Poo Talks About His New Music Video "Pretty Brown Eyes"

Carlton Boyd

Third single off his debut project 

"Touch By An Angel" 

Song written and arranged by Shaney Poo

​Additional lyrics by Cindy Imbert

Video filmed/edited by The Sultan

Five song concept EP

All beats produced by K.E On The Track

Songs written and arranged by Shaney Poo

​"Tells a loose story about a young man getting loose on a Friday night."

​"A few days ago, navigating on YouTube, I heard a song by Shaney Poo. I liked it so much that I didn't stop listening to it all weekend, when I knew every letter of 'Club Shane' I realized that I had to invite him to the blog to talk about his unique sound, his creative process and inspire more people to follow their dreams. I'm sure that Shaney will be a very successful singer, his songs are incredible and I hope you will be inspired as much as I did talking to him."

Interview with Un Blog Bastardo.

4. Our favorite song is 'Club Shane', what is your favorite song? How was working with Chei Afrique?

Woord, I love "Club Shane" too. That song is one of those examples of creating the energy that made me happy as a child. I recorded it in 2016 but put it to the side to do other types of music. But when 2018 came along, I knew it was time to do something with it. I haven't released my favorite song yet, I'm saving it for a special occasion, a future project. I've been working with Chei Afrique since 2014 I think. It's always a chill, open new vibe when I'm working with her, I always know what to expect.