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Shane Alexander is a Haitian-American artist, producer and performer from Boston, MA. His family gave him the nickname Shaney Poo when he was a baby. He makes music that reflects his culture, life experiences and imagination.   
He spent his early teens throwing dancehall house parties with his friends as part of the crew the "Aristokratz", though very popular they broke up and went there separate ways. 
Growing up he sang in the church choir and wrote music as a new way to express himself. Years later while attending college, he recorded music with his friends for fun. But he became inspired by a fellow rapper from school and his independent come-up, from there Shane found the confidence to create his own music. That same summer he bought his first recording studio and his journey began from there. His sound and style stems from growing up in the muli-cultural city of Boston. He's inspired by all genres of music like Rap, Dancehall, Kompa, Pop, Zouk, RnB, Rock and House. He soon formed B.L.A.C Pop in 2015 an acronym for "Becuz Love Always Conquers, it serves as a record label and an incubator for his ideas. In 2015 he released "Touch by An Angel" a 6 song project which includes music videos "Been Lovin U" and "Girl Next Door". In 2017 he moved to New Jersey and then to New York City. During that time he wrote and produced songs like "Goldmine" which was followed by a dance choreographed music video. Producing "Goldmine" marked a new turning point for him sonically. In 2018 he released "Club SHANE a 5 song concept EP completely produced by K.E on the Track. These tracks were from sessions recorded back in 2016. He soon spent the next years, traveling, performing, releasing music and acting in short films. He's released EP's, music videos and singles, most notable "Been Lovin U", "Goldmine" and many many more. 

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