Shane Alexander is an artist, songwriter, performer and producer. 
Born and raised in Boston, MA, his passion for art is the foundation of his work. 

His family gave him the nickname Shaney Poo when he was just a baby, since then the name has stuck.

He spent his early teens throwing house parties with his friends as part of the group the "Aristokratz", but as they evolved as people, so did his interest.
He was always a visual artist all throughout his childhood and even today, but he began writing music non-stop as a new way to express himself.

​While attending college he recorded music just for fun with his friends, but began approaching music more seriously when he met a local rapper at the time named Sleep Walker. He was really inspired by the rapper and how he was able to record music on his own and perform at shows.

That following summer he got a job and purchased his first desktop studio. He then spent the full summer locked in his studio solely working on his music. 

​Being born of Haitian immigrants his family always exposed him to all types of music from around the world. This is plays a major role in his creative style and sound.  

Growing up in Boston, MA it was difficult for him to live in a small city and still fully reach his music goals.

 He soon spent the next 2 years traveling across the country experiencing new cities and cultures while working on music, acting and performing.

Shane truly believes music should be authentic, creative and from the heart.
To date he's released songs such as "Been Lovin U", "Goldmine", "Club Shane" and many many more. 
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